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Optical Tool Kits are used to measure or test the accuracy of components in optical products or systems for a wide range of applications.  Accuracy and durability are the main concerns while looking for optician tools. Specially designed eyeglass repair kits consist of instruments such as Adjustment Pliers, Calipers, Cutting Pliers, or Deblocker Pliers designed to inspect the functionality of optical Products or systems. A wide range of best optical tools and are available for a number of measurement needs.

We have a clever design that works very well. All the sizes necessary for maintenance of eyeglasses are readily available. If the eye-glasses are accidentally changing the shape they are easily straightened with the help of proper Optical supplies back to the way they were without leaving any marks. Having the right tools for the job makes every job or task easier. Vertex International has all the Optical tools for manufacturing, assembling, dismantling, repair or adjustments of eyeglasses according to your requirement.Vertex International offer broad range of everything from optical essential tools kits to individual items, including specialized tools and tools designed for precision.From a precise lens caliper to optical pliers, Optical supplies, and tool holders, Vertex International have it all. Doing any kind of replacement work on personal eyeglasses without a specialized proper tool is very difficult. Having the right Optical Tool will make things much easier to manufacture, assemble, dismantle, repair or adjust. If you are looking for precise, proper and long lasting glasses tools, Vertex International is a place where all your needs can be fulfilled.

Optical Tool Kit:

Optical Tools, Eyeglass Repair Kits and Supplies

Vertex optical tool kits are manufactured with the real leather as well as with artificial leather and canvas.We use the best quality elastic to hold the dispensing optician tools into the kit. Mostly color of the tool bag is black, however it can be made with the customized colors. Durable zip is use to open and close the optical leather tool bag. The Vertex logo is printed on the tool bags. You can also provide us your logo art work for printing on the tool bags.